Weird window behavior in Ubuntu MATE 16.04

Hi, recently i've downloaded the Ubuntu MATE 16.04 ISO and while i was testing it i noticed that the windows that cannot be maximized, instead of having the maximize button grayed out, they have the button active but the only thing it does is it removes the window borders and the window shadow.

Is this the intended behavior?

I’m confused, that isn’t supposed to happen. The maximise/minimise buttons disappear if they are not available for that window.

What’s also odd is that MATE Tweak in your screenshot is able to maximise and unmaximise…

Perhaps it’s because the resolution of your screen there (1024x600) is a bit small height-wise?

Yes, it was the screen resolution, when i plugged an external monitor to my netbook the MATE Tweak window was able to maximize.

However, in Ubuntu MATE 15.10 i can maximize the MATE Tweak window on a 1024x600 resolution.

Is there a way to force the window to maximize? As i can maximize the MATE Tweak window in Ubuntu MATE 15.10.

Or a way to prevent the window from maximizing at all ?