Welcome app in Ubuntu Mate 14.04

Hi all,

this isn’t really a help request more like a need for a little info, does Ubuntu Mate 14.04 also have the Welcome app, I cannot remember whether it does or not?.

The main reason I am asking is that I am using UM 16.10 as a side dish so to speak and was thinking of binning that for UM 14.04 if it has the Welcome app!, the main reason I want to use it is because I don’t like the way the themes look in 16.10 (sounds silly but it just bugs me!). :smiley:

I assume I can add a PPA or install it via the terminal if not installed?. :smiley:

What about 16.04? Why not use that?

I use UM 14.04 but it has no Welcome/Boutique. Yes, themes look better in 14.04 :grin:

I don’t think Welcome/Boutique can be installed in 14.04. It’s a great application, but you can install PPAs manually if you need them.

Seems like an odd choice to go with 14.04 at this time. It’s great however, very old school and nice. MATE 1.8 has no GTK3 components that I know of. Only Synaptic, Firefox and maybe a few other applications are GTK3.

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Not really. Maybe he wants a stable network stack. ^^"

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Hi chaps,

I already have UM 16.04 running as my main OS and have 16.10 running along side it, the theming in 16.10 took a turn for the worse imo and I would like something that looks clean and sharp, I could add several theme PPA’s but don’t really want to.

If Welcome isn’t available for UM 14.04, it isn’t the end of the world either, I just want a second OS that looks okay!.

As far as networking goes @ouroumov, I have really only had problems with WiFi connections which seems to have been fixed now?. :smiley:

I will mark this as solved as I am only really toying with the idea and it isn’t that important anyway, I might try (says he cringing) Ubuntu Unity as it has had some improvements recently!. :smiley:

Thanks for your replies and have a Merry Christmas everyone. :smiley:

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You could try downloading a copy of the 16.04 “Xenial” Welcome package [more here] and install it on 14.04 Trusty. It should be compatible.

The 16.10 or bleeding edge version of the software won’t install as 14.04 doesn’t have packages for WebKit2 (a dependency).

Just a warning that the Software Boutique listings may not be complete/missing for 14.04… nor was the software ever intended for use on 14.04.

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Thanks Luke and Merry Christmas everyopne.

I installed Ubuntu 16.10 and will see how that fares, as there are only a couple of themes pre-installed in Unity, I will add a couple from here:

I can install Welcome on that anyway can’t I!. :smiley:

I decided to install UM 16.04 in German which basically gives me what I want, I can’t really run two OSes at the same time but gives me the benefit of being able to do things for any German speakers on the forum!.

Ubuntu 16.10 had it’s problems, log out took forever, Classic menu Indicator kept shutting down and the ability to add desktop icons is still something that Unity needs imo, there are a few other things that bug me about Unity and that is the reason why I simply really don’t want to use it as it isn’t intuitive in the slightest! (my opinion). :smiley: