Welcome Center and Evolution

I noticed Evolution is in the Welcome center now. I haven’t used it in years, but I have seen some recent screenshots from OpenSUSE gnome edition…

I was wondering how it is these days… I have never been the biggest Thunderbird fan, but it has always seemed like the best option. Wondering if Evolution’s usability has improved over the years? How is Google integration for Calendars and Contacts?


Only one way to find out Tim; install it!. I am using Thunderbird which seems to do its job and I haven’t noticed anything odd happening!. That said, I don’t use any add-ons for TB!. :smiley:

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I have it installed for comparison with Thunderbird. On the whole I find Thunderbird to be more stable. The main advantage of Evolution is hooking up a Google account with mail, contacts and calanedar all in one place. But, then again, I’ve bundle all the Google Contact and Calendar extensions with Thunderbird in Ubuntu MATE since 15.10 so it does it too :slight_smile: