Welcome font size has shrunk!

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Hi @lah7,

after recent updates, the font size on welcome is now about size 9 I would say, it is hard to read and it won't change when I change font sizes in the control settings!. :confused:

Welcome now looks at the DPI and adjusts the zoom based on a range (e.g. 95-101 = Zoom 1.0). By default, Ubuntu MATE uses 96 DPI. (It’s 101 DPI on my system, and don’t recall changing it? :confused: ).

  • What’s your DPI? (Under Appearance → Fonts → Details → Resolution field)
  • What’s your screen resolution?
  • Did you manually change it?

The font settings are not used, just the DPI value.

Welcome only applies the DPI at the start, it doesn’t adapt if the DPI is changed while it is running.


Thanks Luke, I had DPI set at 95 and changed it to 97, it now looks okay for my ageing eyes!. :smiley:

My dpi setting works in steps. Nothing changes till I hit 102 dpi, next text size change is 108.

Double click the box and highlight it then you can enter any number you like! .

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Nice, thanks :slight_smile: 1234

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If interested, here's some details on how the DPI influences the application.

  • Zoom / DPI Range
  • 0.75     <=80
  • 0.85     81-87
  • 0.9     88-94
  • 1.0     95-101      Default value on fresh install is 96.
  • 1.1     102-108
  • 1.2     109-115
  • 1.3     116-122
  • 1.4     123-129
  • 1.5     >=130

The zoom levels are intended to match the size of the font used by other applications on the system.

As previously mentioned, Welcome only checks when it starts, it's not dynamic. You can also test them easily at the terminal:

ubuntu-mate-welcome --font-dpi=96


Could you not pre-set the default so it shows a larger text @lah7?. :smiley:

Is that at all possible?. :smiley:

I'm not sure what you're requesting @wolfman, but no defaults will change.

The original purpose for supporting various DPI ranges is so the font size is consistent with other applications.

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Okay Luke, you answered my question which was basically about using a default larger font for Welcome but its no biggy!. :smiley: