WELCOME screen 22.04

Kernel Jammy
the Welcome screen turns up at login.
To remove / disable it I have tried this advice to no avail:

sudo apt remove --autoremove gnome-initial-setup
systemctl --user --now mask gnome-initial-setup-first-login.service

Any suggestions ?
Many thanks

Not completely surprising because "gnome-initial-setup*" is not part of the MATE desktop.
Trying to remove something that is not installed is not quite effective. :wink:
The same outcome for trying to disable a service that is not running because it's not even installed in the first place.

The easiest ways to disable "Welcome" are either:

  1. in "Welcome" screen untag "open welcome when I log on"
  2. Go to startup applications (in control panel) and untag "Welcome"

If you want to uninstall it completely:
snap remove ubuntu-mate-welcome
sudo apt purge ubuntu-mate-welcome


Thanks again, TKN

snap remove worked OK.
BTW, there is no place tu untag on the welcome screen ( I can't see how to attach a screenshot here),
and its not listed in startup apps either on the kernel distributed as Jammy.

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That is strange, I also run Jammy on my main rig and i got:

That is very strange, on my rig it is, like this:

Unfortunately I don't know how it is possible for these options to be different on your system.

Anyway, problem solved as is, and that is a good thing :slight_smile:

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