Welcome Screen items organization

How about separating the Welcome Screen in two categories?

  • Left -> System
  • RIght -> Community

Something like this:

(sorry for the bad editing skills)


Thanks for the feedback. In some ways, they’re already semi-grouped:

  • About the system and setting it up (top-left)
  • Supporting the development (top-right)
  • Interactive and talkative community features (bottom-left)
  • New: Customisation options (bottom-right)

What we wouldn’t want to do is turn it into a long list of many, many buttons. In future this screen will be redesigned as it’s codebase is being rewritten to be easier to maintain.

I agree, IMHO it makes more sens, though i would put “customize Panel” between “Getting started” and “Software” as we usually want to customize our desktop before to download a bunch of things after a fresh install, as well as to have a better look by separating the 2 big green buttons.
But yes i like your idea, make more sens to me too!

I second this. I see both Software and Layouts as customization options. Better fit for the left side story line: what’s this, how to use it, let’s tweak it.
Whereas the right side has a much more community involvement feel to it: we’re a community, get involved, also give us your money.

Old thread but my 2 cents anyway :slight_smile: I would like to see Welcome screen reorganisation as below:
Getting Started

Chat Room
Get Involved

Browser Selection
Default Layout (Or combine Browser Selection/Default Layout as Customize)
Software Boutique