Welcome Screen & Software Boutique Issue 18.04

Hi all, So my current issue is trying to get the welcome screen and software boutique to work. So this is what I have tried and still no luck :

  1. I have tried removing and reinstalling software boutique & welcome :

snap install --classic ubuntu-mate-welcome
snap install --classic software-boutique

  1. I have even tried reinstalling the whole OS just to see if it will work fresh out the box.

I've also tried acouple of other things but nothing seems to be working can you please help! :slight_smile:

Welcome Screen Problem

Hi clearcut,

have you tried the Deb package install instead of the Snap package?.

sudo apt install ubuntu-mate-welcome

It might also be theme related?. Try changing the theme and see if it displays!. :thinking:

Hi wolfman, so after Abit of tweaking and uninstalling I found out that the issue lies with my AMD GPU drivers, when I uninstalled them the software center and welcome screen started working but Da Vinci Resolve stopped lol as it needs the opencl drivers installed .

I am still playing around with it and hopefully will come to a resolution soon enough. I have tried some of the methods you suggested in my earlier post but still ending with the same conclusion. I guess if push comes to shove I will have to pick between the 3 (software boutique & welcome or Resolve).

I am pretty comfortable with Linux and don't have issues with using the terminal to install packages but thought it would be nice to have all :blush:

Hi clearcut,

I seem top remember discussing an upgrade to 20.04 with you recently?. That would be a good idea as the latest AMD drivers are included in the kernel!. :grinning: