"We're sorry, but new users are temporarily limited to 3 replies in the same topic."

So, I tried to post a reply on a thread about Ubuntu MATE 18.04 on the RPi 3, and I was greeted with this message:

“We’re sorry, but new users are temporarily limited to 3 replies in the same topic.”

This is really unnecessary. Can the admins of this forum turn off this restriction if possible? Thanks!

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This limit is to kill spammers etc.

I know, but can’t the admins just ban spammers? This limit is really annoying for innocent users.

Don’t forget every staff member from any open source project are helping in what free time they have and don’t have experience as a paid forum admin etc. If you need that much help please: 1. Use the irc chat, 2. Search on the forum for your problem 3. Be patient and wait to get out from the restrictions or make a post with what problems or questions you have (not a post for everyone of the problems).
Have a great day/night.

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@code_exec thought this youtube-video was pertinent.

credit: Jono Community Leader.

perhaps a way-forward would be to send an email of the pouch that the admins want the 8chaners to be put into, in the notice ~ that you were made aware of?

For example, if someone is Blind and they ask for funding - that could be ‘seen’ as unnecessary spam, whereas all it needs is a n eMail (that isn’t an attack-vector) in the " 3 replies in the same topic. " at the comment’s end.

i.e. [email protected] ,that could be checked, once a month.

But I appreciate the looks of disapproval that you are havin’ - Its just an idea.

Generally, the limit shouldn't be an issue, it's a default - the forum software (Discourse) runs on a trust system, but as you haven't contributed to other topics yet, it considers you a "basic member":

In this instance, I've overrode your level to "member" so the limit has gone away for you. If you wanted to learn more:

So now you can fire away!

Discourse has done pretty good to catch spammers and their dirty tricks, but it could catch legitimate users or cases like this with a lengthy topic.

I see. Thanks for removing the restriction from me. This is indeed pretty good to catch spammers, but can be frustrating for legitimate users too.