What are your thoughts on AppImage?

I ran across a AppImage for the first time today on the OpenShot download page. Interesting concept, but I have to wonder about security concerns. For example there is no way to verify the integrity of the download, such as a sha256sum file listed on their download page. Would you consider this more of a securit risk than the OpenShot PPA that's available from the Software Boutique?

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There is a 27 minute video on the AppImage web site that explains what they are in detail.

I used AppImage once to package a script and I concluded for myself that AppImage was a lot easier to use as a packager without any experience than Snap or Flatpak.

However, as far as I know, in contrast to those two, AppImage do not run in a confined security environment.

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As far as I know Appimage has been around for a while, and as far as I know it gets very little use. The reasons for that would be interesting (apart from the very large download files).

I’ve no experience with flatpack and snaps.

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Yes apparently it has.

Released first in 2004 under the name klik, it was continuously developed since then, renamed in 2011 to PortableLinuxApps and 2013 to AppImage.


Reminds me very much of a OS X App package. Before the Appstore was implemented mostly, one would download a App package, drag it to the Applications folder, and it was ready to run. This procedure worked for most Apps, though some still required installation to operate. As with a AppImage, no root password was needed to use the App (unless installation was required).