What does this talk about snap for U 18.04 mean for UM?

This is what I am referring to:

Hi @Nope, Based on this thread from the Project Leader, I would guess Ubuntu-Mate will be in full swing with snaps:

Snaps should make their way to the Software Boutique in the 17.04 cycle. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what it means for Apt and the existing packages for Ubuntu 18.04 when Canonical plan to be fully snaps, if that’s what you mean. I would think it would be here to stay, as Debian and a lot of other Ubuntu-based distros still use this way of packaging. :thinking:

Everyone will benefit for this because the most likely is that lots of programs will turn to snap wile apt will keep there if there is a program hat needs that (maybe for software which is not maintain anymore).
The only wrong with Snappy is that it is not free software because it is GPLv3.

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The GPL (version 3) is a free software license, so that isn’t a bad thing.

That’s free software only for FSF, they definition of free software is far away from being free software.

While I do want to make the complete MATE Desktop available as snaps I also intended to keep the classic deb based build of the distro.

Snaps solve the problem that we’ve seen discussed here several times, how do I get new MATE on my existing install. It will also be a great way to deliver a desktop on SBCs running Ubuntu Core.

So there you have, I’ll support snaps and debs.


I think the snaps packages will be the future of all linux distributions, it will be the union of all and secure packages, but it will take a lot of effort on the part of the developers, I think it’s Mark’s great success, there are already snaps packages with vlc, Telegram, and many more … greetings …