What font is used for the word MATE?

Been looking at the artwork docs for the word 'Mate' and wondering what font is used. Officially it states 'Ubuntu' uppercase but when I try that in inkscape the font is nothing like the one being currently used. I found a close match which is noto sans.

Any idea what the dev team are currently using and maybe someone can update the artwork documentation

Many thanks

For me it is Ubuntu Normal. Use the Ubuntu MATE image with disk shape on both my DVD direct print and DVD Jewel Case. Am using Inkscape 1.0 but did try in .92. In picture Typed MATE in Ubuntu Normal and sized using CTRL key.
Overlaid on my existing files and it matched perfectly. Am using 19.10 MATE at present.MATE

Hi Mendy, thanks for the reply.

The image you show is not what is used on the main Ubuntu Mate website so I am a little baffled here. If you look at the logo and also download their icons pack from github you will see the word 'Mate' is in bold and looks to be a different font from the Ubnuntu font. . . I'll just keep looking I'll get it eventually. Thanks again

Sorry, please disregard. You are correct. Did mine long time ago (16.04) and either didn't catch the difference of font or at time was different. Searched logo and the word MATE has different M than that in the Ubuntu Font. Also checked Ubuntu Font at https://design.ubuntu.com/font/ and it shows the M I am using in my image. Do not have a backup of earlier versions. Don't know how to get documentation updated but someone with that knowlege may reply. Further checking at https://github.com/ubuntu-mate/brand-artwork/blob/master/ubuntu-mate/Ubuntu-MATE-Tag-Green-and-Black.svg when I download and open in Inkscape the MATE does show as text but am unable to do anything with it.

Thanks, much appreciated