What happened to /boot/cmdline.txt?

I'm just getting exposure to the new /boot/config.txt provided in the 18.04.02 LTS image and it seems there are important typos. Specifically, /boot/config.txt attempts to include a file that does not exist (/boot/nobtcmd.txt):


include syscfg.txt
include usercfg.txt
~$ ls /boot | grep nobtcmd
~$ ls /boot/firmware | grep nobtcmd
  • Is there supposed to be a symlink? (like how /boot/cmdline.txt -> /boot/firmware/cmdline.txt?)
  • Or should the line above be edited to cmdline=firmware/nobtcmd.txt?

To be clear, there are no syscfg.txt or usercfg.txt files by default (I have to create them). So I'm expecting the cmdline= parameter is how the default command line options get invoked.

Oops I'm noticing that /boot/config.txt is also a symlink (to /boot/firmware/config.txt) so that may the discrepancy in file paths.

Answer: all the important files got moved inside /boot/firmware/. When a file says "edit syscfg.txt", it should instead say "edit /boot/firmware/syscfg.txt".

(If you browse the microSD card with a Windows PC, you'll see files in /boot/firmware/, not the files in /boot/.)

So to specify a new file with different cmdline options:

  • ignore "cmdline=nobtcmd.txt" inside /boot/config.txt
  • ignore "cmdline=nobtcmd.txt" inside /boot/firmware/nobtcfg.txt
  • add new line "cmdline=foo.txt" inside /boot/firmware/usercfg.txt, where foo.txt is a new file that lives inside the /boot/firmware/ folder

The new file must be inside /boot/firmware/ or booting still stall without error. If that occurs, mount the microSD on a different computer and use a text editor to revert the changes to usercfg.txt.

I read the above several times to see if it answered the question.

Still I cannot find /boot/firmware/cmdline.txt

Maybe I'm missing something. So if I want to say, force fsck on boot or disable IPv6, where would I add that instruction?

Mine new install from this week shows:

mate@RPi2-mate:~$ ls -l /boot/cmdline.txt
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 26 Mär 24 2019 /boot/cmdline.txt -> /boot/firmware/cmdline.txt
mate@RPi2-mate:~$ cat /boot/firmware/cmdline.txt
cat: /boot/firmware/cmdline.txt: No such file or directory

Can I simply add instructions to /boot/firmware/cmdline.txt?