What I really meant was to bring it back as selected and not reopening it up again

Yes I am aware that "reloading" and "again" is redundancy. But that's really that.

Same thing applies when I am absorbed in TTY7 that I open another file explorer pointing to somewhere which it's already pointing to in another instance.

And sometimes I do it again.

The state of my status bar can be real messy or REAL Messy. It all depends on the state of the Moon.

My real life experience is somebody wishing to access ~/Desktop, or ~/Documents via caja: if there is already a caja instance pointing to ~/Desktop why would it open up another instance instead of refocusing The One?

This pretty much applies to file browsing and I am not sure if this as other use case.

In conclusion, would it makes common sense for TTY7 file browsers to select a previously (for example) caja window rather than opening up a new one? Am asking for a friend :smiley: