What is the best way to copy files to and from a phone?

What is the best way to copy files (such as app stores, VPNs, images, and videos) from UM 16.04 to a phone that runs the Android-based Cyanogenmod and vice versa? I had a semi-bricked device and installed Cyanogenmod but this version does not contain any app stores so I need to set up the device from scratch.

The good news is that the file manager Caja recognizes the device and it is automatically mounted (I see the Android symbol on the desktop). Do you simply use Caja to get this done or can you recommend any other utilities? What are the advantages and disadvantages and which tool do you think is best for beginners to handle their phone data with Ubuntu MATE?

I say Caja all around for data stored on internal storage and/or the micro-SD card.

It works with phones that support Mass Storage (mounts like a flash drive), MTP support (most Android phones) and or mounted as a camera device.

Make sure to always unmount the device before unplugging the cable.

Another way is to enable USB debugging and install the adb (Android Debugging Tools) to “pull” and “push” files to the device via the command line. It’s even possible to access system directories, but you’ll need root to access privileged directories.

adb push 'myfile.txt' /data/data/
adb pull /system/....

Otherwise I’m not sure of any other tools – I presume to manage the contents of the phone… like contacts, media, apps?)


Thanks @lah7 ! I will go with Caja for now. What about KDE Connect which is - I believe - installed by default in UM? Yes, exactly. I am looking for a comfortable way to manage the contents of the phone including media, apps and contacts.

KDE Connect has a slightly different purpose and is available via the Software Boutique (not pre-installed).

It’s more for managing your phone and seeing its status as an indicator over Wi-Fi, but it can send files too. I haven’t tried it though.