What is the current status of Jitsi?

Continuing the discussion from Alternative to Skype and facetime:

Jitsi is by far the best Skype alternative I have come across. See: Jitsi
Why? It features encryption for IM and VoIP and it works out of the box. Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR) for instant messaging conversations and ZRTP for VoIP telephony. I know of no other open source project that is as secure, feature-rich and easy to use. It just seems that they have stopped offering their XMPP service with which I have had good experiences. It would be fantastic to get it included in the Software Boutique.

Installation and security guide from security in-a-box: Jitsi installation and improved security settings


I think my previous post is no longer accurate. Jitsi seems to have shifted focus towards WebRTC and the desktop application has seen little development lately. I still think it is a good application but with an unnecessarily cluttered user interface. Privacy by design is also not implemented and any potential user must learn how to use it safely by first activating its many hidden security settings.

I hope this will change with Jitsi 3.0. The Roadmap indicates that they are planning a new single window user interface written in HTML5. Does anyone know more about the current development status of Jitsi? I think there are alternatives lining up: Ring, perhaps Tox, …