What is the default partition manager?

When attempting to create a live usb with persistence I ran into a problem with gparted. It crashed (attempting to create casper-rw) and when offered to report the problem - I accepted, entered my password, then after the details were collected I received a message that it was not part of the distributed package.
What is the default partition manager?
Is it possible to make a live usb with persistence?

The way I made a live USB is like this:
1.) Install the GNOME Disk Utility.

2.) Download the UM .iso image (which you probably have already done.)

3.) Open the GNOME Disk Utility and click the drive you want to install to.

4.) Click the gear icon in the top-right corner and click “Restore Disk Image”.

5.) Select your UM .iso image and click “Start Restoring…”

It could take a while depending on your computer but it should create a bootable partition on the drive. Don’t forget to back up any data on the drive you don’t want to lose. :slight_smile:

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@schisch - Thank you - I was unaware about Gnome Disk Utility (always used gparted) ;I always used Starup Disk Creator for USB sticks.
What step(s) needed to make the stick persistent? Do I partition the stick to create casper-rw after restore disk image?

Actually, I’m not sure how to do that. I only ever used LiveCD’s/USB’s to try out the release, not really anything else.

Thanks, gnome disk utility was already installed so another question…
What is the command or menu item to execute gnome disk utility ( I used gksudo gnome-disk-utility ) ?.
I found it on line gksudo gnome-disks

In Applications>Accessories there should be an icon called “Disks”.

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@schisch THANK YOU!
Using this method repaired 2 unusable flash drives

I’m glad that it helped! :smiley: