What is the recommended VNC server?

What is the recommended VNC server for MATE? I’m used to TIgerVNC on CentOS because it’s very easy to configure. However, TigerVNC doesn’t seem to be listed as an installable package through apt.

I use https://www.nomachine.com/ which allows me to remotely manage my systems, Give it a try.


Hi @mcajina74,

you can get the .deb files from here:


You may have a problem with dependencies so make a note of what other packages are required and look for them in “Debian Sid” on the same website!. :thumbsup:

Pi3 here with Mate running. I want to use the Pi “headless” from other PC’s (daily) and from an ipad (sometimes) ; both via the cabled LAN and local wifi.

I tried Tightvnc with Mate. Could not get it to work.
Then tested Tightvnc with Raspbian, which worked but gave errors.
Then I tried Remmina. Could not get it to work. Then it became frustrating…
So then I tried Nomachine, and it does exactly what I wanted.

If there are other tools that will work as easy as Nomachine, let me know please.

Remmina is a VNC Client. The server component is Vino.