What is the standard way to turn-off bluetooth on startup by default?

One annoying bug I’m facing since I migrated to Ubuntu-MATE is that the bluetooth stays on by default on each login. How do I disable this? On normal Unity based Ubuntu, this wasn’t a problem as once you turn-off the bluetooth, it stays off by default upon next-login.

Please note that I don’t want to remove or disable the bluetooth service as I use it sometimes. Its only annoying that after each login, I have to manually go to the blueman applet menu and click Turn Bluetooth Off.

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Look in Control Center > Personal > Startup Applications uncheck Blueman Applet


Thanks, but as I said, I don’t mind having the blueman applet in the system-tray. All I want is that it should be turned off by default. Is there any way for that?

Possibly I’m not following your need here but removing a program or applet from startup does exactly what it says - the item removed only prevents it from being automatically started. It remains available for use when required.

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