What is this? Just curious

Has anyone tried this? What will it do (besides break things)?



looks like it is for Ubuntu MATE Experimental software, as it states, don’t use it unless you really know what you are doing!. :smiley:

Right now, it contains “bleeding edge” packages for ubuntu-mate-welcome, ubuntu-mate-artwork and ubuntu-mate-settings.

@Wimpy suggested to me to add it to check it out the latest changes in 16.04. Of course, that was done in a test virtual machine. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t add it on your main machines, just in case anything “experiential” (breakable) gets put in there… :wink:

Got a VM for that kind of stuff :slight_smile: But ..

it sounds like no further testing needed for now.

Thanks guys

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I can personally guarantee I break that PPA every so often. Anything stable from there will get promoted to one of the “MATE for…” PPAs.

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