What is 'user folders update'


What is ‘user folders update’ that I saw in Startup Apps?

Inquiring mind wants to know. (Mission Impossible theme playing in background.)

A search found nothing about it.


The command corresponding to this startup is xdg-user-dirs-update, which is a part of xdg-user-dirs- a tool for managing well-known directories that we know like the “desktop” or “pictures” directory under ~/.

This xdg-user-dirs-update command is run at every startup to create a localized version of those directories, i.e. a translated version depending on your locale settings. More importantly, it creates a “configuration” file that’s used by applications to use your home directories( /home/user_name/any_home_directory/).

You can have a gander here if you wanna know more…:slight_smile:


Thanks. I read some of it.

I saw some dirs that I am not using.

For example, what is home/andy/Templates used for ?

I found out.

I put some document templates in there.

It’s too bad that when you select create document, it does not show the file extension.

I have blank.pdf and blank.odt in there.

But the file extensions don’t show.

Blank.odt has a nice icon, but not the blank.pdf.


Yeah the extensions don’t show up, and it’s by design.

The templates need to be hence named in such a way so that the user can select by their preferences just by looking at the name, i.e. create an empty HTML file(.html or .htm extension), spreadsheet, open office document(.odt extension), python source file(.py extension) and so on…


I did so.

blank.odt just shows as blank.

blank.odt shows up as blank also.

blank.html shows up also as blank.

Do you see my point?

Now I get it.

I have to name it html.html :slight_smile:


Or Empty HTML file.html… like that…:slight_smile:
Reads nicer!


I generally assume that any template is blank(empty) anyway.