What kind of USB stick should I get?

I'd like to install ubuntu mate on a computer. Is 8 gigs enough?

Yes if your purpose is to burn the iso and then use it to install or try on a computer. ISO is under 3gb. so it should be fine. Installed on my system using a 4gb usb.


Plus it installs quicker than doing it from a DVD.

Hello Johnny McIvor,

Just a small warning - not all USB-sticks are created equal.
Some just will not work for this task, even if brand new out of the packaging. The most well known Brands e.g. SanDisk, Kingston, etc. seem to be reliable.

Remember to check the .iso file for corruption
Verify for Corruption
Ubuntu MATE provides the SHA256 checksum on its download page.

Help "burning" the ".iso" file to the USB-stick:
Make a Bootable Linux USB in Windows (2020)

Help re-formatting the USB-stick for normal use:
How to Format a Bootable USB to Normal

If you need further help just post again - but start a new thread, unless you need further information regarding USB-sticks. :slightly_smiling_face:


8GB is not enough to install Ubuntu MATE on. Min 10GB I would say - more is better. Like 25GB.

From this I believe OP wishes to know size of USB needed to intall on a computer. If so guide states here:

" To install and try Ubuntu MATE from a USB drive or SD card, you’ll need media with at least 4 GB of memory and have downloaded a compatible copy of Ubuntu MATE for your system."


my bad. Thanks for clarifying

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I have 32GB of RAM, and give my Ubuntu VMs 8GB each. They run fine. I've run them with 4GB as well, and they are still very responsive

Hope I helped you.
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