What's the best supported Nvidia card for 16.04.2 LTS?


Am looking to start mining Ethereum and after reading a quite inspirational post by a Debian dev on how to get started doing so I decided to immitate his setup (somehow).

I followed all of this steps using my AMD card (and thanks to v3xx) I am now considering (and not because of v3xx :wink:) to purchase a fairly decent (200$+) Nvidia video card for doing just that.

Given your working experience with our lovely Ubuntu MATE: are there any Nvidia products that I should look over others and/or ones I should avoid given that I am looking for a long-term mining relationship using UM LTSes?

Thanks in advance,

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Hello again :slight_smile:

Its not as much as being Mate friendly, but more like Linux friendly.

I have no statistics, but I do see a large user base of the GeForce series. From the not so new 6800 series to the latest. I'm somewhere in the middle of that list and I have found GeForce reliable through the years with linux.

This does not mean they are the best, but IMO they are a popular linux choice.

So go find a card that you like and post back. Maybe a user of that series will chime in.

You sure there is no hope for your AMD card?

With 375.66 being the most recent version of NVidia’s own drivers in the Ubuntu repo for 16.04(.2) you should be able to get support for at anything older than the 1030.
For any missing cards you can add a PPA to get latest NVidia drivers.

(edit: updated for today’s update which includes support for 1080Ti, the new Titan and various Quadro cards)

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