Whats the best way to install and update the latest version of GpioZero

I want to use the latest version of gpiozero on the pi for a school project but the version in the repositories are behind. gpiozero seems to be very much in active development and new versions are quite frequent. Whats the best way to install the latest package and keep it up to date.

Hi @chrisgiltnane,

I have no idea myself, does this help?:


yes been there and using that on raspian images but the mate versions are down level. Really want a solid solution to getting and keeping up to date with this.

I’m building gpiozero 1.2.0 now. If it builds OK it should be available in your updates tomorrow.

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Don’t care what Popey says, you are a true hero. You will also make a small posse of code club kids very happy.
Thanks very much

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Give it an hour, it should be in your next update.

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Got it and tested it. Again much appreciated.