What's the Difference Between Linux Distributions If They're All Linux?

Somewhat of an overview of Ubuntu distributions including Ubuntu Mate.

What's the Difference Between Linux Distributions If They're All Linux?


IMHO, one might easily answer the question as soon as one would consider an answer to the following question: "What's the difference between cars if they all are built around the internal combustion engines?"


I don't care what the difference are of different Linux distributions, I care about which one meets my needs. For all the Distro's out there not that many meet my needs. My first need is a traditional desktop, preferably Mate. Second is apt as the package manager, and at the least Synaptic in the repository so I can install it though the terminal. I prefer a LTS release to regular releases or rolling releases. Next the software I require, and last a friendly helpful forum.

I have only found Ubuntu Mate, Debian, Mint Mate, Parrot OS and Sparky Rolling (Mate) to meet those needs. Parrot is more of a niche for security and anonymity. Debian's forum, while knowledgeable is less than friendly or helpful to a casual user like myself. I am not a fan of rolling release isn general as they always seem to corrupt something sooner or later.
That pretty much leaves me with Ubuntu Mate and Mint Mate. Ubuntu Mate is my favorite
I like the look of Ubuntu Mate, and it offers the TraditionalOk theme, which is my favorite. It is a LTS release, it has one of the friendliest forums and is community driven, lacking some of standard Ubuntu's worse features.


:flushed: The video was showcasing some screenshots of Ubuntu Mate and describing its merits. :v:t3:

I saw that the video featured Ubuntu Mate. Always good to get publicity.

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