What's this layout called?

What's the name of this layout with a lot of letters on the top left and top right, etc. on the keys?
When i search normally "keyboard layout" on my search engine, they don't show this layout that has 4 letters in the keys.
What's the name of it, because i like that it has a wide range of letters to use.

Your screenshot has the words Keyboard Layout "italian".

To check, I've used a search engine with keyboard layout italian and I am getting that same keyboard back.

I've searched it up and nothing identical. Just wanna see the name of those layouts that have a wide range of letters from other languages. AbcΩ!¿¡?

You'll see there are four characters to each key. You get the extra characters using the Alt Gr or right Alt key and the shift key.

I've tried the Italian layout on windows and it's not working, except for Alt Gr+E which creates the euro sign. That's why i wanted the name of it. And, what does this have to do with the name? Still searching the same, but with "4 letters on each key" and "more letters" but no identical layouts...

I cannot help you any further.

Still, thank you for trying to help. Maybe it's just a custom layout.

Just did a quick search on google image (keyboard layout linux)
and found these:

There are lot more. I dont know anything about it, so dont ask me about it, Maybe you it is useful to you?

I think i might have found it! It's called an "Extended Keyboard Layout"