When is the ETA for 17.04?

So I noticed that 17.04 is coming out for Ubuntu today. When is it coming out for MATE?

As far as I’m aware it’s dependent on when the core Ubuntu 17.04 release is pushed out, - no specific time for that, however.

I think the ‘flavors’ are pretty much all ready to go. I’m downloading the final release of Zesty MATE right now :slight_smile:

OK, I see that it was released by torrent already. How would I go about installing it without wiping out my data? Or is there a way to get it to update via software updater?

It should be available via the software updater soon, - i personally just downloaded the ISO and did a manual upgrade. Worked perfectly.

Does that wipe out your data doing the manual upgrade?

No. You have the option to retain data and apps.

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Gotcha thanks. I just went ahead and did it though the terminal using do-release-upgrade I have another system with MATE on it and I’ll try it from the iso there. Thanks again. Everything went smooth on my main machine.

Next question is which ones can I delete and which ones should I turn back on? Sorry for all the questions, new to Linux and doing a version update like this.

Hmmm… I didn’t do any of that. I just downloaded the ISO and installed, choosing the upgrade option.

If you’re already on Ubuntu Mate 16.10, you can just go to software updates and when the new version is available, it’ll offer you the chance to upgrade (as long as you have selected “notify me of new versions” in the software updates tab.