When rebooting there were problems with the screen

help me. Updated at 20 .... on the screen of a laptop strip. How to solve the problem?and how to solve it?

Welcome! Sorry you are having some issues.

Can we get a few more details? I'm a bit unclear:

  • Was this an upgrade to 20.04? What version did you upgrade from?
  • Are you using an AMD GPU? If so which one?

help me please. Updated at 20 .... on the screen of a laptop strip. laptop operation is not possible. How to solve the problem?
After the update, when rebooting there were problems with the screen

Hey. I am not an advanced pc user. I had a 19. version of ubuntu mate. hp brand laptop. there was a constant problem with wifi. Not one was activated from the antennas. I decided to upgrade to 20.04.
After the update, a problem with the screen. I will look at the processor

Thank for your help. amg64

xfconf-query -c xfwm4 -p /general/vblank_mode -t string -s "glx" --create
not help

There are currently issues with xorg and some releases of 20.04, based on the information we have been given there will be an fix included in the 20.04.1 Ubuntu releases.

Please check here for some possible work-arounds to your issue:

Sorry you are experiencing these issues. Good luck @Alexei

I am having issues, too. I upgraded from 19.10 today (Wednesday), and cannot use my computer, the desktop is garbled! I took a screenshot with my smartphone; Last year, I bought my desktop custom-built with Ubuntu preinstalled. As a result, my WiFi signal strength is very weak, according to the Ubuntu WiFi device applet, causing me to connect at speeds under 30 Megs. My CPU is AMD Athlon 200GE with Radeon Vega graphics, Model A320M-S2H. I miss my desktop! Because I am not able to use my desktop, I hope to find an agreeable file reduction app or program to use with my Android. Screenshots will follow shortly, if my uploads are successful. Question: Isn't 4069kb around 4 megs? My cellphone pics are around 2megs each, but the system is rejecting the uploads. What am I doing wrong? I am having trouble locating compatible file downsizing apps. I may have to visit a computer shop.