Where can I tweak Marco animations or effects?

Since I've moved away from Compiz I'm using Marco (picom: GLX) which seems to work well enough but I find myself wondering if there is a way to tweak the animations or set the effects? Is there documentation on how this might be done? Suggestions for the various versions of Marco exposed in Mate-Tweak?

Is this even something that is possible or not? I like and respect that Marco is an adult window manager but I do still miss my special effects for certain things (mostly the zooming of windows when minimized and the rotation of virtual desktops) so I'm asking if there's a way other than using compiz to get them? Thanks in advance for any assistance rendered.

Marco does have some effects but not much.
From the manpage:

   Marco supports several somewhat advanced but common  features  such  as
   Window  Shading/Roll-Up,  Window/Edge Snapping, Vertical and Horizontal
   Maximize, Always-On-Top,  Sloppy/Mouse  Focus  and  Raising,  and  many
   more... Well, not a lot, but some more.

Settings can be done in 'dconf-editor'.
keypath: /org/mate/marco/general

But the Picom compositor, that you selected, can do a bit more.
You can not change it from 'dconf-editor; but you can create a configurationfile for it.
see man picom

picom will seek for a configuration file in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/picom.conf
(~/.config/picom.conf, usually)

Here is a good explanation about how to setup a picom configfile:

Here is an example how a complete configurationfile could look like.
You could use that as a startingpoint if you like: