Where did the Create Bootable USB go in 20.10?

Can not find it anywhere ??? Did it not come with 20.10 ??

The Startup Disk Creator application is still available in the Ubuntu repositories. You can install it from the terminal:
sudo apt install usb-creator-gtk
You can also install the Synaptic Package Manager or the (Gnome) Software app from the Software Boutique and search for the application there.

I have read that the application was not included with 20.10 for two reasons.

  1. To reduce the size of the Ubuntu MATE ISO image.
  2. The Disks application is already included with Ubuntu MATE and can create bootable USB drives from an ISO image.

As an alternative, the Imager application, originally developed for the Raspberry Pi, can create bootable USB devices and is available as a snap package. You can install it from the terminal:
sudo snap install rpi-imager


The official instructions for imaging a USB drive for installing Ubuntu MATE can be found here:
Imaging a USB Drive

It has recommendations that include the (Gnome) Disks method, using balenaEtcher, and using fdisk and ddrescue.

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Thanks ! I found it.