Where do i get a-z terminal command list for ubuntu linux?

how to get a-z command list manual of ubuntu

I know of two places to find lists of keyboard commands. Neither is complete, but between both of them, I think you'll find them useful.

  1. Open Welcome and click on Getting Started. There is a button there for Keyboard Shortcuts.

  2. Open the Ubuntu MATE Guide either from the main Ubuntu MATE menu or from here on the website: Ubuntu MATE Guide Online. There is a section at the end listing even more keyboard shortcuts.

Below is the command to get fullest possible list of commands which are declared in $PATH variable:

find $(echo $PATH | sed 's/:/\n/g' | sort -u) -type f -executable -follow -exec basename {} \;  | sort -u

How it works:

  1. echo $PATH | sed 's/:/\n/g' | sort -u print $PATH variable and then use new line as delimeter, sorts unique values
  2. find ... finds executables and print their filenames
  3. sort -u finally prints list of unique commands

On Ubuntu MATE system I get the following amounts of commands:

  • fresh 20.04 LTS VM returns 2019
  • fresh 21.04 VM returns 2051

You can read more about each command by:

  • using their builtin help by executing with -h or --help command-line argument;
  • using manual pages man commandname (in terminal) or yelp man:commandname (in GUI)
  • using online manual pages at http://manpages.ubuntu.com/
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