Where grub saved?

Here we see that the grub has been "stored" in our system.
The script is by @ghulselmans and we find it

Short guide
How to find where Grub is installed
We open the link


Selecting Download will save a compressed file of the format


It is advisable to create a folder eg grub location and extract the contents of the file there

We read the README file instructions and see that
Run the script as sudoer:

 sudo ./bootinfoscript <outputfile>

or if your operating system does not use sudo:

su -
./bootinfoscript <outputfile>

We control the rights of bootinfoscript if it is controlled and executable and if not we do

`Run 'as an administrator will create a result fileRESULTS.txt RESULTS1.txt ...
and find out where grub saved and if you have more than one!