Where is the default Compton configuration file

I would like to know where the default compton configuration file is located, i.e. the one which is used by the Marco with Compton option in Mate Tweak.

I had tearing problems when I was using Marco with Compton, so now I'm using just Marco, with compton running as a startup background application. But I have some visual glitches, like the shadows shown in the screenshot. I have added some exceptions in my compton.conf file, but I would like to know how Ubuntu Mate has implemented it.

See this:

There is no default Compton file, Compton is invoked by MATE Tweak passing every configuration option on the command line .


Thank you! I didn’t know that.

It looks like I just had to add "_GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS@:c" in my exclusions list. This removed those weird shadows. Now I only get them around the volume and brightness pop ups.

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