Where is the repo of Ambiant-MATE theme and which is its license?



Hi, I wanna customize Ambiant-MATE theme: color scheme, basically. But i don’t found the original repositories of the project. I need the .svg files for modify the elements, 'coz is very very slowly modify the .png files that have the theme on my pc.

Somebody can tell me where is the original vectorial files of Ambiant theme? and, also which is the license of Ambiant?


Looks like it’s GPL 3.


Follow the link i found this:

Files: usr/share/themes/*
Copyright: 2004-2012, Canonical Ltd.
2014-2015, Martin Wimpress.
2014-2016, Jack Mohegan.
2014-2016, Michael Tunnell.
2016-2017, Daniel Foré
License: CC-BY-SA-3.0

Look like it’s Creative Commons.

Source: https://github.com/ubuntu-mate/ubuntu-mate-artwork/blob/master/debian/copyright