Where to find default monospaced font file used by terminal?

What is the name (full path) of the file Ubuntu MATE uses as the default
monospaced font file when a Terminal window is open? Please give me the
file name for both 16.04 and 20.04.

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Pretty much no matter your distribution or version (16.04 or 20.04), that's where it's located.

BTW, most fonts on GNU/Linux systems go under that /usr/share/fonts directory, except for some locally installed fonts which might go under /home/[username]/.fonts.

BTW, don't bother looking for a font titled simply "Monospace". That is a placeholder for whatever monospace font has been selected for use by default; if you want to change what font is the default "Monospace" font, you can try looking into configuring Fontconfig. Alas, I don't have space here to tell you all the details. But if you just want to change the default monospace font, there's easier ways to do it, like go to the Appearance Preferences and change the font from there.

But that was a lot of me blabber-mouthing there. Either way, I hope I answered your question.

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