Which backup program does ubuntu mate use?

I am trying to recover a backup on a different linux distro but do not know what backup program to install. I used the default backup program on ubuntu mate but it simply identifys itself as backups.


(Not kidding)

Edit: oh et l’interface de gestion c’est deja-dup-preferences

Edit2: sorry I don’t know why but I wrote in French there for a bit. Can’t believe it took me almost an hour to notice. <_<
Translation: the backup management GUI is deja-dup-preferences

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If you prefer to stick with gui there's an option to choose storage location

Thanks a bunch! I could not find that anywhere.

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Hi @skippy36,

you don’t mention which other version of Linux you are trying to back-up from and it may not be compatible with Ubuntu Mate?. :smiley: