Which Compositor Do You Use?

Hi guys,

I installed LTS Ubuntu Mate and suffer quite a bit of screen tearing on the default compositor. Which do you use/recommend for eliminating screen tearing and that’s stable and doesn’t crash?


I use Marco(Compton GPU Compositor). So far it’s running smoothly with no tearing whatsoever.:slight_smile:

The default compositor is a software compositor, as far as I know, and does not really do the job. You need to choose Compton or Compiz. I personally use Compton because it is lighter than Compiz and doesn’t have any pointless bells of whistles. But, resolves screen tearing very well.

I prefer Compiz for my needs. Works without error on 16.04.4 LTS and eliminates screen tear. Have not tested it on 18.04 outside of a VM.

I use Marco (Compton GPU Compositor) no screen tearing with VLC while watching a movie,
But strong screen tearing watching Youtube in full screen :cry:

Does it happen in Firefox? Or Chrome also? On Firefox the changing the following to true removes the tearing but makes it constantly freeze and lag:


I’m using Chrome for this very reason…:worried:

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I am using Firefox exclusively .

Wowww Thanks for the trick , i just tried it out => no more tearing :relieved:
Will see if Firefox will freeze with usage (but i have more than 150 tabs open and it seems doing fine)
I will let you know if it freezes or crashes