Which font do you use in your terminal?

So I upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04, didn't like it, also can't use magic lamp effect from compiz, so installed MATE DE. Now, I wanna use monaco font in my terminal, but it doesn't show it in the entries of fonts. :frowning:
What are some other good looking fonts for terminal?

Personally I use the default font, my only modification on the terminal is to change to a black background with green fonts. I find that much easier on the eyes.


What do you mean you can't use the lamp effect? You can easily install Compiz-Reloaded in 20.04.

I can't use magic lamp effect in Gnome Ubuntu 20.04. Since it doesn't allow Compiz to run there. In MATE however, you can run Compiz and so can its animations. I even installed KDE Desktop environment since it has inbuilt Magic lamp effect thru its Kwin. But it broke down and somehow it's ssdm display manager got corrupted or deleted idk, and it got stuck at boot up screen, so I had to log in through ttyl into Gnome and deleted it, and changed the manager back to default gdm3. Afterwards I installed MATE to get that magic lamp effect.
Gnome also has limited functionality like you can't zoom in as much as you want, it's limited. Also no compact view like MATE.

Default Ubuntu Mono? I like Monaco tho, just can't seem to use it in terminal.

I personally like Mononoki.

Do you see Monaco in MATE Font Viewer? I installed it, can find it in MATE Font Viewer, and can use it the MATE Terminal.

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Thanks, yeah I can see it in MATE font viewer and surprisingly also in the terminal. I guess it was problem in Gnome Terminal, where I could see it in the font viewer but couldn't see it in the Terminal.