Which Virtualbox version is better?

Should I get the Virtualbox from Ubuntu repo or from Virtualbox.org? And which Virtualbox version is better?

virtualbox.org has the most recent, always get the latest as well as the guest additions. If there is a newer version, virtualbox will prompt you. ubuntu repos are some steps behind.

Ubuntu repo do NOT update so many frequently VB version. And much more: some months ago I stayed full broken by this :rage:, VB ubuntu repo didn't update when change Ubuntu Kernel, and there were not way to start any machine with continuous alerts. Luckily, installing from web channel solve this question.
Another question is not always install later version immediately. In my case I usually install one or two point versions under latest and no problems.

On the Virtualbox download, which download would you select for 20.04?

I would pick 18.04 since they (VB) have not posted a deb for 20.04 but soon they'll update their site.

I dont think there are major diffs between 18.04 and 20.04 (both LTS)

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