Who uses what Linux Distro?

Hi Community!
I know that this community is mainly for people who use Ubuntu Mate (I’m probably assuming this fact :smiling_imp:) I’m curious to know who uses what Linux Distro, to know what the trend is for today’s Linux Users. It doesn’t have to be Ubuntu Mate, it can be any distro! I would also appreciate a screenshot to see how the desktop looks like (I’m sure they’ll be fantastic! :sunglasses:)

I would give you a screenshot of my distro, but until I can decease the size of the file, I can’t send the file :frowning2:. I switched from Ubuntu Mate to Raspbian due to a problem that you will be sent to if you click here (If the link doesn’t work, please notify me about it.)

I hope that this post and your post get views , loves and that stuff. If you post your screenshot of your desktop, thank you! :wink:

Here's the screenshot of my distro ( I used Pixlr. Here's the link )

Note: My monitor was 1280 x 1024 , but I had to decrease it to 1024 x 720.:expressionless:

Ubuntu Mate is my distro of choice at the mo and it is very customizable.
Heres my screenshot

have used a number of distros over the years mainly debian & ubuntu base on different hardware with different Desktops like KDE, Gnome, LXDE and Mate. Been suck on Ubuntu Mate for a number of years and lovin 'it.


@penguin_nedyalkov I tried every official Ubuntu flavor, plus Linux Mint, Solus, and a few others, before settling on Ubuntu MATE. The thing I like about it is the extreme versatility of the desktop layouts. If I had to make a second choice, I would probably choose either Kubuntu (Ubuntu with KDE) or Zorin OS, but at least for now, I’m happy with Ubuntu MATE.

For a long time I used Fedora as the main one. But I'm sick of it. Using the distrowatch, I tried a lot of different distros.
Now it's time to settle down and enjoy) A couple of months I use mate iso. And very happy)

Depending on the capability of the particular machine, I’ll usually run Mint Cinnamon or Mint Mate on a machine. Currently I have Ubuntu Mate on a RaspberryPi3, although it hhasn’t been hooked up for a while since I’ve had other projects going, and I was cleaning up around the living room (the only place with an HDMI display, our 10 year old TV set).

Of course, now that I’m a contractor at a headgear-themed Linux company, I’ve felt I should at least have one machine with Fedora on it.