Why can´t we get 5 years support for 16.04?

why can´t we get 5 years support for 16.04?

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“… Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) releases are supported for five years…”, as reported HERE.

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BUT see the latest news…

It appears to me that supporting 16.04 until 2021 is 5 years.
Hardware and Maintenance until 2018
Maintenance until 2021
This schedule is virtually the same as previous LTS releases

I prefer to get information from the ‘horse’s mouth’ so to speak :wink:

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Now I wonder what is correct. Yes Ubuntu has 5 years of support, but is Mate like X or Lubuntu with 3 years? @lah7

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I concur with @verndog and @pfeiffep, it is 5 years, 2 and a half years with both hardware and maintenance and the the last 2 and a half years with maintenance updates only!. :smiley:

Estimated end of life is April 2021!. :smiley:

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Don’t believe all you read on Twitter as it is most likely a typo!.

This is from the horses mouth:


Best person to ask is @Wimpy as he posted it being only 3 years but I think it should be 5 with maintenance updates?. :confused:

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I believe all official Ubuntu 16.04 releases enjoy LTS

Let’s clarify this. Traditionally Ubuntu proper has a 5yr LTS and will do again for 16.04. Most other flavours only apply for a 3yr LTS.

16.04 is our first properly official LTS and after some discussion with members of the Ubuntu Technical Board, we’ve decided to follow what most other flavours do which is a 3yr LTS.

What does this mean? We will support Ubuntu MATE 16.04 upto the 16.04.5 release. After that, the Ubuntu MATE bits won’t get updates and fixes but the underlying Ubuntu base will.


So @Wimpy, basically the same as normal LTS with the maintenance updates?. :smiley:

Not quite @wolfman if there are breakages to MATE bits caused by update to core Ubuntu [probably not] they might not get proper attention

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Hi all,
please forgive my relative ignorance;
I’m a linux/virtualization/networking systems admin with all stuff based on RHEL/OEL and CentOS.
For various well known reasons this is no desktop stuff. :grinning:

What does the last number in Ubuntu 16.04.5 stand for, does it get counted up every six month?

Thx Rainer

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At this time Ubuntu 16.04.5 is only proposed as it doesn’t exist. The numbering system for Ubuntu is rather straight forward [except the last .5]
Breading down the sequence

  • 16 is the year of release
  • .04 is the month of the release
  • .5 is associated with LTS [Long Term Support] named point releases

Since LTS relates to 5 years support the interim [point] releases aggregate the updates to that period enabling an easier reinstall and update cycle.

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This may help to explain a point release.