Why does dconf-editor and Nautilus have two window bars?

Dear all,

Why do I see two window bars for dconf-editor?

I can’t reproduce this issue on Ubuntu MATE 17.04 Beta 2
What version are you using?

I am also on Ubuntu 17.04. All my packages are updated.

However, I switched from Unity to Mate instead of doing a fresh installation.

That might cause the problem...

Not sure if it would help, but try disabling “Maximus Window Management” in the startup apps preferences.

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@monsta, thank you. What does "Maximus Window Management" do?

Moreover, I noticed that Nautilus is affected as well.

Maximus (mate-maximus) is a tool from mate-netbook package. It can be set to auto-maximize and undecorate newly opened windows. With the default settings it should do nothing, but there’s a bug in handling CSD windows:


Thank you, @monsta! I will subscribe to the bug.

I think the window management option might be at play too here.
I can't exactly reproduce your problem but when I switch my WM to Marco (No Compositor) I've got a weird large black square around CSD windows. No such problem on Marco+Compton though.

FWIW GTK+3 CSDs essentially require compositing: black backgrounds with CSD apps if turning the compositor off · Issue #165 · mate-desktop/marco · GitHub, Bug 729767 – CSD styled windows don't react on compositing changes