Why does the installation want to format a SWAP partition on another drive?

I am trying to install 20.04 to sde. I currently have 18.04 on sda no SWAP and 16.04 on sdd with SWAP. I previously installed 18.04 with all other drives removed from the system. So now I am trying to install 20.04 with all drives active, however, I noticed the installation wants to reformat the SWAP drive on sdd. Is this really needed and is there anyway to avoid the reformatting besides removing the drive?

I chose "something else" and defined just one partition /dev/sde1 mounted at /
The install went ok, I will create a swapfile (2GB) about half the size of ram (4GB).

I did choose something else. Chose sde, chose sde for the grub as well. Still wanted to format other drive.

I ended up disconnecting the drives. First installation crashed, but it directed me to a bug description " Installation fails due to useless immediate configuration error when "Install Third-Party Drivers" is selected". So I reinstalled without enabling third party drivers. Default installation went well, no swapfile was created. Just need to modify grub as it never picked up the other drives when I reconnected them.