Why I quit Ubuntu AGAIN :*( Mouse wheel scroll speed)

Mouse. Wheel. Scroll. Speed. Too. Fast. NO. EASY. FIX.

Or any comprehensive fix at all.

Google for hours. Entertain that maybe I am an idiot after all.

Cobbled together fixes for Chrome and Firefox. Utilities that sort of work then don't.

What utter nonsense. With the level of hardware support nowadays, how can the scroll wheel of this mainstream Microsoft mouse not be controlled in any way with any standard GUI system utility?

There's not one developer who uses a mouse wheel?

Feel the anger. Breathe. Let it go. Dump Ubuntu in the trash and walk away for another couple of years.


Maybe all the devs use a Logitech RX-250 and thus don’t have this problem… :wink:
But seriously, this is one of those annoyances that really should have been taken care of ages ago, because we’re really dealing with the basics here.
The post and comments at https://blogs.gnome.org/felipeborges/new-mouse-panel/ kinda speak volumes. No response from the developer for those asking for that feature…

So I’d say, this is definitely worth adding to Ubuntu MATE (or any Linux distro, for that matter).
I kindof wonder why it is like that. Is there some weird quirk in X11 that makes this crazy hard to implement and no one bothers to fix it? Or are indeed all devs just using mice which have a sane mousewheel scroll speed by default?

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try Wiki How

maybe it should tell you how or i dont know … i m newbie man … just started today that what i do on website i have more look many information , i ain’t pro…

– Z

A long time ago I would have done that, but I am remain an intermediate-ish user with little interest in scripting, writing drivers, or digging into the kernel.

Enjoy Ubuntu! I still absolutely love it and Linux. Just need a break. :wink:

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Hi, unfortunately this is not a gui solution but I hope this will help you.

open the terminal and type the following

xinput --list

this will show you input devices of your system.
touch-pad, mouse and etc.
in my case it is PixArt USB Optical Mouse with id=13

than enter the following

xinput --list-props "PixArt USB Optical Mouse"

Please in your case, write the name of your mouse.
then there should be all the properties that you have for your mouse, can you please give the output of it here?

You can also use the id instead of the name for --list-props.

yes, but sometimes id changes.
for example if I use it for configuring the touchpad, depending on ig mouse enabaled or not, touch-pad’s id is changing

I feel absolutely the same. I'm not only quitting ubuntu, I'm quitting linux. I gave linux so many chances (mainly because I absolutely hate that windows 10 forces automatic updates), but still windows is way more usable than any linux distro that I've ever used and to be honest I don't feel like linux is faster. So done

Of course its more usable, its more compatible with everything because its the most used OS and most companies are making sure their stuff works with it. Linux isnt some magic bullet that can do anything. Its a tool, and it requires you to be an relatively proficient to use that tool correctly. There is no way around that.