Why I run firefox from unpack

@Moderators this is not a tutorial as it deviates from the "accepted" norm of running repo supplied software.

Longer title Why I run firefox from my home directory to improve my internet

Ok so we know UM comes with firefox.

but firefox can be downloaded from source as a pre-packed binary

and you can choose a non-US language too

download will be in format firefox-release.tar.bz2

I unpack it and move the unpacked folder (called firefox) to my home directory

  1. I make a desktop file under Desktop firefox.desktop with contents of

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Web Browser
Exec=/home/gordon/firefox/firefox %u

This desktop file....needs to be executable too.
Change the home dir name to whatever yours is.

  1. Why?

2 main reasons

Reason one....I am on Australian internet which is not the world's fastest
so every little bit helps......meaning when there is an update from say
64.0 to 64.1.....I get just a small diff file that updates me
while repo version will be a full download AFAIK

Naturally we are equal when we go to the next integer
ie 68.0 to 69.0

Reason two....I can copy my entire folder as a backup and transfer it to any other distro
or if I have re-installed UM......no need to wait for UM to update
b) I also need to copy my .mozilla dir
c) but I do not copy my .cache/mozilla dir as I like to start afresh

Good luck

Reason three....that folder will also have my extensions that I have installed, if any
such as.....well who cares

Naturally I use apt-get commands to remove the 2 firefox packages from UM to save updates