Why is the Ubuntu kernel update always slower than the upstream official kernel?

We’re still using the kernel based on Linux kernel 4.4.10,
but even 4.4.13 has been released for days…

Ubuntu ‘patches’ their version of the kernel from upstream. Then it goes through some degree of testing, then it’s released so users have the upgrade via apt.

It isn’t ‘Linus has released a new version so package it asap’. That is what Arch is for. Or compile the upstream kernel yourself.


Oh, I understand it now. But if comparing the Ubuntu kernel with the original kernel, which do you think works more efficiently if we don’t care about support for the graphic divers etc…

I would say, they are about the same, in terms of efficiency. It greatly depends on your hardware too as upstream does contain new drivers, corrected code etc… it can be ‘better’ for particular systems.

Though Ubuntu’s stance of upstream is essentially if you use any other kernel that isn’t Ubuntu’s patched version, you get zero support.

Which makes sense.

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