Why MATE desktop is better than GNOME

Greetings MATE users! I have just started a blog on my website and in honor of my favorite linux distribution, I have made my first article demonstrating, in pictures, why it is so much easier to be productive with the MATE desktop vs GNOME.


I hope you can learn from it or find it useful to share with others.


Just add extension ‘Workspaces to Dock’ to Gnome and it’s super duper. Just swipe right and then up and/or down, as you wish. Nothing to remember or learn.
Gnome is just segmented differently.

But the latest version of the extension was broken for a while. Confusing people and locking up Ubuntu 18.04:
Go Workspace to Dock and read the detailed instructions under user Reliance and you can install it.

Hopefully by now it’s fixed without those detailed fixup instructions.

I promise you that with the extension, workspace switching is much easier than pie.

Thank you for the informative post. I have updated my review to include information about Workspaces to Dock. Cheers.