Why these button shows in Chrome?

as you can seee below, it's very strange that nautral "maximize minimize and close" buttons is shown in the panel and if you click, Chrome will react too!! Oh..What should i do to fix this??

What is your Ubuntu MATE version?
What MATE Panel layouts do you use (what is the output of gsettings get org.mate.panel default-layout)?
Do you have added Global Application Menu added to the MATE Panel?
In Google Chrome - if you click on window tabs bar

- do you have checked Use system title bar and borders?

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  1. My MATE version is 19.04
  2. I use 'redmond' layout
  3. I don't use Global Application Menu
  4. I tried to checked or unchecked Use system title bar and borders several times, it did't work
  5. Finally I right click those extra menus, click delete and reboot, it won't show up again
  6. I alaways run into such things these days, I'm sure it's a bug, It happens frequently when you edit panel or right click to move panels

Could you please save some info if this problem will occur next time?
The most interesting is name of the relevant applet name - it is usual available from right mouse click - something like About. See example below for Notification Area