Wifi Bandwidth: Win vs UM - same card same wifi

I am on an Acer laptop. Using UM from a USB connected SSD. All fine and dandy 99% of time over the whole last year. UM 17.10 with daily update. Expecting to install dual boot with 18.04 LTS.
If I connect wifi using the ACER Windoze 10 I get almost double bandwidth then connecting using UM from the SSD…

Can someone explain that for the non-tech I am ?



Just questions not an explanation …

  • How are you determining bandwidth?
  • Is the USB connection affecting the measurement?
  • Is it possible the tool used is different in Win than UM?
  • Is network card driver the latest in both cases?
  • Are the network settings the same?
  1. Bandwidth: merely by looking at the volume of Mb/s or Kb/s that are shown
  2. USB Connection? Effectively I wondered if the USB connection simply had as an effect to reduce the data transfer from the computer to the SSD; where is actually located the UM system monitor; so actually measuring what gets through the USB, not what gets through between router and computer. Don’t know how to assess that.
  3. No idea. But my guess is that if different tools they should not show that large a difference in datathrough.
  4. Driver? yes
  5. Network setting? No difference.

Will be in a different location by Sunday - so I’ll see if it shows to be different in anyway.