WiFi Disabled, Cannot Re-Enable

A couple of weeks ago I did a nuke-n-pave of my reliable old T420 Thinkpad, which had been running Manjaro. I'd run Manjaro for a year or more, and kind of missed UbuntuMATE, so took advantage of the 22.04 to come back to the fold. Everything ran great, just like it used to, until I started up the other day and had no internet. All I've got is a network icon (not the WiFi fan) with a little 'x' on it. The drop-down box says Enable Neworking is enabled, Enable Wi-Fi is not - and even if I try to enable it, nothing happens. When I look in Edit Connections the WiFi part is fundamentally all blank, although it does remember that it was hooked up to my home network some days ago.
I tried turning off the firewall, numerous restarts, and finally plugged in a little Panda Wireless WiFi dongle as a last resort, but nothing changes.
Any ideas? Thanks for thinking about it!

I like Manjaro’s Mate and Solus too. Manjaro to me is better and their Cinnamon & GNOME versions are fantastic. I am using Pop!_OS for now so not sure what’s going on with UM. Was thinking of installing it on a separate SSD but will wait with due to all these small bugs.

Yes - might have happened after an update, have been updating almost every time I've used it. Should have waited maybe another couple of weeks before installing, just couldn't restrain myself! Thanks!

Two things I can think if right off. First is check the bios and make sure nothing has changed.
Second is if you have an old kernel that worked boot into that kernel and see if it works.
I know realtek is having trouble with the new kernels and I had that happen twice on my old laptop with a Broadcom wireless card.
I have a Dell laptop where the bios changed for some unknown reason and disable WIFI.
If neither of those work run from a live USB installation and see if your WIFI card is still working.

Did you update? Maybe boot up the live session and play with it for a while; that can often be a problem with an update to the 5.15 kernel.