Wifi not working on macbook ubuntu mate 22.04

Greetings Community,

I recently installed Ubuntu Mate 22.04 on an old Macbook I own which I think is a mid 2008 model.
I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to linux (or macs) but everything seems to run fantastic with the exception of wireless connectivity. The drivers are installed according to the os and it also connected to my wifi but when I try to use the internet everything timed out. Ethernet on the other hand works or at least used to cause after numerous attempts at trying to "fix" it I'm pretty positive I managed to break it further. Webpages no longer time out they just say that there's no internet connection. That's basically the whole situation, I think I just made it worse with my asinity so instead of completely wrecking it, I decided to ask for some help from the community.

Edit : I reinstalled the os and no luck both wifi and Ethernet are busted. Ethernet never connects and wifi always times out. However plugging an external wifi card does work.

I also have ubuntu-mate 22.04 on an old macbook. This time I update directly from 20.04, so it is not a fresh os install. In order for my wifi to work I had to install Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver from bcmwl-kernel-source.

I am pretty sure I found the instructions in ubuntu's old guides for mackbooks.

I attach an image of my "other drivers" window. It is in spanish, but you get the technical details.

My ethernet has no problems connecting

That said I do have problems with very new modems used with fiber glass connections, I can connect, but no real comunications happen. I have not yet solved that problem, but it appears to be related to a/b/n/g options of the modem and the wifi card....

Hope this can help you